The story of the upcoming movie ‘Salman Khan ‘Tubelight’ has leaked!


This is the whole story of Salman Khan ‘Tubelight’

Even before the arrival of Salman Khan, his entrance was announced. Something similar happened before he let go of his next movie Teaser ‘TubeLight’. A poster of the film was published well before the summary release. The output teaser was as spectacular as the movie.

Ompuri  had said”Tubelight” is the story of two brothers whose parents have gone in childhood, I play a children ashram in the film. The two brothers who live in the ashram, who are the same as the ashram and grow. I take care of brothers. The background of the film is based on the war in China around 1962.

Tubelight leaked bollywood movies

It can be said that the “Tubelight” is a short film. You can also call the love story of two brothers  in which the character of Salman Khan is a small mental challenge and the other brother Sohail Khan in the army. That disappears after a fight Salman looks for later. When exploring the brother history of the film is developed with dialogues and interesting scenes.

During the release of the film, Kabir Khan said in all the films and posters of the film you will see that Salman Khan is very different from him. The character of Salman is such that he has not done in his entire career that this character is a very difficult character.Salman has worked hard to break all the limits of the action of this time.When I told him the movie, he said that I am willing to work with hard and honest work as possible.

But let me tell you that this movie is based on the American film “Little Boy” Mexican film that arrived in 2015. The film was Alejandro Montevard.

A similar story is like a Tubelight. But the child with “little boy” has now grown. And after growing up Salman Khan has become.

The story of “Little Boy” was based on the background of the Second. There is a small child in the center of the story whose parents went to fight in the war. That he wants to take his father. His father taught him, “If you believe then you can do nothing.” The child is also able to move the mountain with his conviction.


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