Judwaa 2 Movie Review


Judwaa 2 Movie Review: There is nothing new in Varun’s ‘Judwaa 2’, Dialogues are also got worn out

Director David Dhawan’s Judwaa 2 Movie is released in theaters. The movie “Judwaa” released in 1997, is a remake of the movie “Judwaa 2” with nothing new. The script and the editing are extremely weak.

Story of Judwaa 2 Movie

The Judwaa 2 story begins in the film from Mumbai businessman Malhotra (Sachin Khedekar), whose wife is pregnant, who comes to deal with the robbery of. Meanwhile a punk keeps diamonds in the business bag to protect itself from the police.The businessman gets to the hospital with the woman, where he gives birth to the twins At the same time, punk also comes to the hospital to collect his diamonds. There is a clash between businessmen and goons. Giving the diamond to diamond to be handed over to the business police. Meanwhile he comes out with an opportunity and runs away from the businessman twins. He left this boy on the railway track, who is a woman who will save and keep, who became king (Varun Dhawan). On the other hand the second and his son died, they go to London with a businessman wife and a son.

His Son will grow and be known as Prem (Varun Dhawan). Both are posed in different ways One brother is weak and the other is powerful. One brother becomes the second punda then Sharif During the battle the king beat the fiercely. He escapes to London to save himself from the police. Since both brothers have a connection, therefore one feels hurt when one gets hurt. Many similar incidents occur with both. Meanwhile, in his life comes Samara (Tapasi Pannu) and Alishka (Jacqueline Fernandez). How are the two brothers, can they teach a lesson to the person who snatched his childhood from the king? How the misunderstanding about the king and the love between Samara and Alisha? You have to watch the movie for this.

Direction of Judwaa 2 Movie

The direction of Judwaa 2 Movie is good but the writing is weak. There is a punch in the movie, which makes me laugh. The dialogues of the film are also exhausted, and the film is not special compared to the first movie “Judwaa”. The setting could have been better, it could be better decorated. This movie is a remake of the 1997 movie “Judwaa”, which is not performed to the expectations of people. The script and the editing of the film are very weak. After Interwal Salman Khan also appeared in the film for a few minutes. Varun and Salman are two twins in this scene.

Star Cast Performance in Judwaa 2 Movie

In the film Judwaa 2 Varun Dhawan played his character well, which could have been better. Rajpal Yadav played Nandu, who played ‘Judwaa’ in Shakti Kapoor. Johnny Liver also appears in the film At present, the work of Jacqueline Fernandes and Tapi Pannu in the film is good but the film does not matter. The role of Anupam Kher and Pawan Malhotra is also good.

Music of Judwaa 2 Movie

Music is fine in the movie The two songs in the film are “Uchi Hai Building …” and “Ton Tana Tan Tonton Tara …” from the old movie, which is presented in the new style. Apart from these songs no song is worth remembering. The length of the songs in the film is very high because the film has grown for a long time.


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