Tubelight Movie Teaser Release, which was waiting for you


Banner an expected film Yasraj teaser “Tubelight” was released. In this teaser of about two minutes and seven seconds, plus Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Chinese actress zhu zhu are also in the lead role. Salman Khan also has a strong dialogue in the film, in which he says: This war will end in one day only, we have to keep going.’ Salman has said in the teaser last, ‘I am coming.’


Salman Khan is called Laxman in the film. Laxman looking for his brother lost in the film. What was lost in the war of Indochina war Laxman must struggle with great difficulty to find his brother. There are some emotions in the teaser that make you cry.

The fans of Salman await the film with great passion. In the Tubelight film, you will see the mighty mystery of Kabir Khan and Salman Khan for the third time. Say before Salman Khan and Kabir worked together in two films and Tiger Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Say Salman fans of the movie trailer will also be released in May. However, the film is ready to make an explosion on the occasion of Eid on June 23, not only in India but also in China.

Tubelight Movie Will Hit China at Large Level

Manufacturers are preparing to launch “Tubelight” on a large scale in China. In addition to Salman Khan in the film, Sohail Khan and Chinese actress zhu zhu are also in the lead role. Even before the release of the film, Salman’s magic happens. Team Tueblight continues to lead its potential to promote the film.The main reason is the film zhu zhu is that manufacturers are preparing for such a release there. China is also a big market for the film. This way the manufacturers do not want to leave any way to win. Jackie Chan Kung Fu Yoga Sonu Sood, who arrived in January  showed no miracle in India, but the film had a business of about a thousand billion rupees in China. Manufacturers “tubelight” also want to enjoy this thing.


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