Film Review: Cold romance, sluggish comedy is ‘Phillauri’

phillauri full movie
phillauri full movie

Philluari full movie review

How can the tale of the story be drawn? If someone can marry a tree by superstition, then a writter can show the freedom of martyrdom in the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre as well as the ghosts still sitting there!

The fictional world of Phillauri puts such a unique knot in our history. It is a mixture of present and past which is not laughable, does not fear and neither does romantic feelings awake. Finally you find that the poet does not want to say anything. He just wants to fill his pockets with his brand name in the market. Anushka Sharma had produced ‘NH10’ in 2015. That was a two-thing thing. But Pillauri full movie is a cowardly person

The ghost goes back to 98 years in the flashback


The beginning is in some comic style. When Manglik Hero Karan (Suraj Sharma) took seven rounds of trees, the ghostly Shashi (Anushka Sharma), who was living on it, logically became his bride. Now what will the groom do? With her bride Anu (Meherin Parjada), her loverstory? Will the spooky chase or not?

Slowly, cold-blooded answers are found. Not beats romance No fluttering comedy The story begins with Kalpana on the ground of 2017 and the Suturn repeatedly goes back to 98 years in the flashback. Where Shashi parsed poems from the pseudonym Phillauri. Nobody knows his truth. It is well-read and appreciated.

Anushka sharma and Diljit Dosanjh at press meet

Lafanga type is a singer in the village, his name is Phillauri (Diljeet Dosanjh). People think that he writes these poems. She loots the purses. But one day she faces a Shashi and circumstances change.

Romance does not allow writer-director to emerge

The vibrations of love burst and the singer improves. But gradually twist comes in both the lives. Here all the thrill is on Anushka-Diljeet’s love story. While romance of their roles does not touch. At the same time, the romance of the story of Sun-Mehrun does not allow the writer-director to emerge. His comedy-tragedy comes in pieces and disappears.

As a ghostly, Anushka attracts somewhere along with simplicity and nudity, but in the form of her expression she is impassive. Diljeet does not add anything to the film. Suraj’s acting role is similar, but it has been shown to be more confused. This is Declaim and it’s not the beginning of excitement in Bollywood for Mehrun.

The story is so formulated and ready made that the director, Anshai Lal, would have added something better, that does not make sense. The song-music is average. Camera work is good. But it is not a good reason to spend time and money on the film.


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