Baywatch Movie Review: Priyanka Chopra’s film is more like bore

Baywatch Movie Review: Priyanka Chopra’s film is more like bore

Baywatch Movie Review: Priyanka Chopra’s film is more like bore

The American drama series ‘Baywatch Movie’ based on the Los Angeles Country lifeguards was popular around the world. In India there were spectators who saw most watched this series to see Pamela Anderson. Girls wearing the bikini on the seashore were the main attraction. Seth Jordan inspired by the same program created a film called Baywatch in which the lead role is played by Mitch Buchanan Dwayne Johnson. The Priyanka Chopra movie is an attraction for the Indians.

Baywatch Movie Review

Mitch (Dwayne Johnson) is the lifeguard head at Baywatch. The company has three new rescue teams including Matt Brodie (Jack Efron). Matt and Mitch are not carried out exactly as they feel so much better. Some people die at sea in strange circumstances. Mitch suspects that Huntley smuggles drugs under the guise of Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra) the new owner of the club but he has no evidence. The police and the leader have met all Victoria. . How Mitch and Matt get together to expose Victoria is the essence of the film.


Although the Baywatch Movie is not able to join the same audience after having a familiar formula like the sea beautiful girls drugs and crime complete bugs can be canceled in history and stage. It made a movie about a horrible story which has no side or side.


The way Mitch did all this makes the drama amazing. Mitch and Matt easily go to the hospital. The police steals reports from the police station. At Victoria yachts and clubs they are easily searched. There is no stopping anywhere.You can easily get what they want. This does not create any interest in the film.

There is a lack of entertainment in the screenplay. Comedy Matt and Mitch can not laugh much. The party organized by Victoria is so long that boredom begins to grow. In spite of being a star like sequence of action Dwayne Johnson frustrates to maintain less. The highlight of the movie is ridiculous. The CGI movie is very low. The fire on the yacht looks totally wrong. Better work is done in Bollywood.

Director Seth could not make it interesting presentation and did not properly use available resources. The excitement and glamor in the movie would not have been seen. Most of the sequences are full of bore.

The action is a remarkable aspect of the film. Dwayne Johnson is a strong presence in his presence but unfortunately the director could not use them properly. Jack afron performance is fantastic and competes well with Dwayne.

Priyanka Chopra has had the opportunity to do something for the girls the rest being a sweet. Priyanka would have played a role in a Bollywood movie if he does not have too much time to decline. Being the only Hollywood movie she played the role. Its role is not long. As for the action it has worked hard to give your character an elegant look.

Lifeguards of Baywatch may have saved lives of hundreds of people in the film but they did not save the film from drowning.

Baywatch Movie Cast and Crew

Produced By: Ivan Reyton, Tom Pollock, Beau Flein,Dwayne Johnson, Michael Burke, Dani Garcia, Douglas Schwartz and Gregory J. Bonne
Directed By: Seth Jordan
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Priyanka Chopra and Jack Afron
Rating: 1.5/5


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