Movie Review: Package of Interesting Story and Strong Action is “Bahubali 2”


Story of Bahubali 2

The Bahubali 2 film begins with a dialogue between Katappa (Satyraj) and Mahendra Shivdhu Bahubali (Prabhas). During this year, history goes backwards. Maharani Shivgami (Ramya Krishnan) proclaims the coronation of Bahubali (Prabhas) but before Bahubali Katappa and leave the country during a tour.

Bahubali met by Dexena Princess (Anushka Shetty) and according to the situation and Maharaja Deesena Amarender Bahubali (Prabhas) meet Mahishma. Even before the coronation Bhallaldev (Rana Daggubati) is seen on the throne. He does something with the help of Katappa where Amarinder Bahubali dies and the state obtains the right to Bhallaldev and takes Devseena in captivity.

When Mahendra Bahubali became aware of the whole story, which in his view  is trying again to free the powerful kingdom of Bhalladev and ultimately leads to the truth.

Direction of Bahubali 2

The achievements of the film, locations and camera movements are incredible. VFX is great to see. The way to tell the story of Raja Mauli is incredible. The most important feature of the film is that this article was posted in such a place in the first part, after which there was only one question in the public mind, why Katappa was killed Bahubali? Waiting for the answer lasted for nearly 2 years and it has been revealed in its details in Part 2.

Acting in Bahubali 2

Prabhas and hard work by Rana Daggubati on the screen are visible in the film. The delivery of actions and dialogue is incredible. Anushka Shetty also increases a lot. Ramayana Krishnan played the role of mother and empress. The work Tamanna Bhatia and Satyaraj is also quite comfortable. The rest of the characters have also done well.

Music of Bahubali 2

The music in the film is consistent with the story. The background score is the life of the movie.The prison in the voice of Kailash Kher. The song is also excellent.

See or Not

If you saw Bahubali do not miss this movie to understand this incomplete story.


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