Bahubali 2 Hit Dhoom, Earning Rs 800 Crore in Five Days….


The box office is heating up due to the registration of “Bahubali 2”. Everybody is surprised to know every day box office collection of this movie. After winning 500 million rupees in the first three, the popularity of this film has not diminished in the public.

The Hindi version of this film won Rs. 30 million on Tuesday. Along with this, the Hindi version of the film won 168.25 million rupees in just four days. On the fifth day, the film reached Rs 198.25 crore, with incomes of 30 crore.

Shadow  of the Bahubali 2

In four days, the film had earned its world record of 620 million euros, box office film surprised everyone around the world winning. It is believed that there is no progress for the recipes of the film. You go through this number now the figure is finished. So far, worldwide has crossed the 800 million mark.prabhas

When Bahubali 2 came out, all the box office files were added to the powder. The biggest recording of these records is made, the biggest ever gain an Indian movie. And this is the gain of Bahubali 2 now, a thousand crore. Let’s say that “Bahubali 2” not only beat all the box-office winners, but is also ranked number three on the US box office.

bahubali 2

The prabhas fans in the Hyderabad milk given his picture. At the same time, 40 feet of long photos were made and garlands on it. Due to the enthusiasm, the festival was celebrated in the streets a few months before Diwali. Fans have fired Crackers on the launch of “Bahubali 2” Prabhas.

Shahrukh Khan could not break records of this movie ‘Bahubali 2’

happy new year

Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, launched on 24 October, did not cross the gains on the first day of ‘Happy New Year’, ‘Bahubali ‘. The first day of gains this film was 44.97 billion rupees while the profits of the first day of “Bahubali 2” 41 million With this, the complete collection of “Happy New Year” was 203 million rupees. So far says the collection “Bahubali ” to 600 million rupees.


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