Akshay Kumar and Sonam kapoor gets award for Movie ‘Neerja’ for ‘Rustom’..

national award
national award

Akshay Kumar Shared Emotional video before being awarded to National Award

Actor Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor attended the ceremony Wednesday at the National Film Awards with their members. Akshay was awarded the best actor for the film Rustom. He was very happy to be part of the ceremony with his wife Twinkle  and son Aarav.


akshay kumar and sonam kapoor
akshay kumar and sonam kapoor

Akshay tweeted with his family an important day of my life, for me the most important people in the world, that is, with my family.

Sonam was also present here with his family. He won the Special Mention for his outstanding performance in the film Neerja. Actor and producer Anil Kapoor, Sonam and his wife Sunita were present during the distribution ceremony. Zaire Waseem received the supporting act for the film hangs.Akshay says that once he failed in the exam, but today after having worked for 25 years in the industry, he will get a national award.

Akshay said in the video, when he could not, that he was nervous not even think about confronting his father, but dad calmly asked what he wants to do. Akshay says he is interested in sports, where his parents accompanied him.

To win the special prize of the jury of ‘Neerja’, Sonam Said now the responsibility has increased

Last year, Sonam, who gave life to Neerja on the big screen, took the applause of everything, box office success and many awards. It also includes the most prestigious national award in the country.

sonam national award
sonam national award

Sonam was very happy to see this honor. She said, “I’m very happy, I did not realize that I was going to get this price.” I did not expect it at all, so when I came to this award, I can not say what’s happening in me. Heart and my mind.

Sonam says that Honoring hands by the president of the country increases his responsibilities. Think about what you are doing now, think about it. Do it responsibly. Dad is also very happy to meet with the National Award. They arrested all their work to come with me. I can not say how the brightness of the eyes of parents to see the success of children increases.


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