‘Raid’ – Heroes do not always come in uniform.


When you start complaining about the Bollywood thriller hindi films, and in the latest movies, the same thing happened in the stereotypical story, in between, a movie comes in ‘Raid’. Which removes all your complaints.The film ‘Raid’ is a great mix of superb acting, a strong script and edgy editing. While watching the film, you start thinking about where the director Rajkumar Gupta was for so many years. Prior to this, Rajkumar Gupta had made the film ‘Ghanchachkar’ which had no impact at the box office, although he has made hindi films like ‘Aamir’ and ‘No One Killed Jessica’, which also brings praise to critics as well. Now again Rajkumar Gupta has come back through ‘Raid’, which is a political thriller film.

The story of the raid full movie is based on a true incident made on the 1981 background. Which is inspired by Income Tax Officer Sharad Prasad Pandey. Who had raided the house of a businessman Sardar Indra Singh in the year 1981 and recovered cash and gold worth Rs 1.6 crore rupees. This red lasted for 18 hours and 45 people in it were constantly sitting just to count the notes.

The movie has a tagline of ‘Raid’ – Heroes do not always come in uniform. In Bollywood movies where we see most action heroes clashing in police or army uniforms, in this movie, Ajay Devgan is in the role of a hero who shows his own selfless unarmedness. Watching Ajay Devgan, he reminds ‘Singham’ and ‘Gangajal’, where he had seen strong dialogues. Talking about the dialogues of this film, it has written by ‘Pink’ Fame Ritesh Shah. It is less appreciated for him.

Ajay Devgan has done tremendous acting in the film. Where many times you will be forced to play the applause for them. While Saurabh Shukla is in negative role, he has played a powerful leader. Who win hearts of everyone from their acting. Talk about the weak episodes of the film, the songs could have been better. A remake of ‘Sanunu Ek Pal Chan Naa Aabe Sajana Tera Bina …’ was remade but it did not meet the people expectation.

The film’s budget is about 35 Crores with promotion. However, the film has made good earnings with satellite, digital and overseas rights. It is worth mentioning that this is the biggest release after ‘Padmavat’. It has received a total of 3,400 screens in the country and 369 screens in foreign countries.

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