“TubeLight” Fifth Movie Poster Salman Khan is out on Twitter..

The fifth place ‘Tubelight’ came today, the summary function will start

The upcoming fifth movie poster “TubeLight” Salman Khan is out. Today, the director will also be published. The fan can be seen in the film and to hold Salman shares a movie poster. Salman Khan shared the movie poster tweet to his followers. Like all posters, these posters are also very attractive.tubelight

In this poster, there are a lot of people around Salman Khan and he raises his hand like a little boy. Looking at the sign as if someone was in the crowd, you can tell. There are only two days in the movie. There is a huge craze for the film for the public and for keeping it, Salman shares a movie poster.

The fourth poster summary published Salman Khan film Tubelight, An eye was a pair of Brotherstubelight

Salman Khan shared the new poster for the movie in his Twitter account. If we say that this poster is a combination of all the posters, nothing goes wrong. In this poster, Salman is seen with Sohail’s brother and a child. Tweeting the photo, Salman wrote: “Two brothers arrive … in only two days.

The audience saw Salman and Sohail’s expression in the film, which now awaits the appearance of the heroine zhu zhu. How are they going to look in the movie?tubelightThe movie “Tubelight” Salman Khan is ready to do a great thing on June 25 not only in India but also in China. Manufacturers are preparing to launch large scale “Tubelight” in China. Yash Raj bought the film’s overseas distribution rights. According to sources associated with the film, “China is a big market for movies, there are a lot of theaters. Meanwhile in the” Tubelight ” there is also zhu zhu.We focus on the possibilities of large outlets in China.

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