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Tiger Zinda Hai Movie: Careful! Salman Khan is Going to be Around 10 Thousand Round Fire

Salman Khan is once again going to play with threats in his upcoming movie. This film is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Tiger Zinda Hai. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are shoot climax scenes of Tiger Zinda Hai Movie.

This sequence will last 22 days the filming of which began. Ali Abbas Zafar said on Twitter “We are ready to shoot ten thousand rounds in Tiger Zinda Hai. Madness has Started.

Salman did dangerous stunts in Tiger Zinda Hai Movie

Salman is doing dangerous stunts in the Film. They will be more risky than the prequel ‘Ek Tha Tiger. Stunt Scene is filmed under the supervision of Hollywood actress Tom Strouthers. Strouthers has previously been the stunt director of several Hollywood films.

Ali Abbas Zafar also shared a video on Twitter. He gave information on climax outbreaks. He said “The last 22 days of Tiger Zinda Hai the film climax shoot will be released tomorrow so they are feeling excited as well as nervous.

Katrina will do the same Action Sequence in Tiger Zinda Hai Movie

Katrina has learned that in the fencing film Katrina will do the same action sequence as Salman. They have learned fencing for this. Recently Salman-Katrina images were viral due to film blocking. This XLover pair is about to appear again on the screen. So far the film has been shot down to the most beautiful padlocks in Austria and Abu Dhabi.

Director of Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Shared Salman Khan Photo on Twitter

Salman Khan last release film Tubelight Box Office after being badly beaten Fans are now very much hopeful of their next film Tiger Zinda Hai. In Tiger Zinda Hai, Salman Khan will be seen in the incarnation of the action. Film director Ali Abbas Zafar shared the look of Salman in the film.This photo posted on Twitter has show the back of Salman Khan but not the face. In the photo Salman is seen wearing Afghan scarves in his throat. In the caption of the photo, Ali Abbas wrote that Salman after seeing this photo you will also say, “Please Take Turn.”


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