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Simran Movie Review: Affair is Talent I am a thief..The story of such a girl is Simran Movie

After films like Shahid (2012), City Light (2014) and Aligarh (2015), director Hansal Mehta made Kangna Ranaut a leading role in the Simran Movie. Their films have been released inĀ Cinemas.

Story of Simran Movie

The story of the Simran Movie is that Prahl Patel a family that lives in the United States is Kangana Ranaut. She is divorced and lives with his family. The Praful Rental Fountain is a hotel where she works as a housekeeping. The family is rarely brilliant. He often finds family relationships for his remarriage but it does not matter.

Meanwhile a friend of the Praful family has a wedding in Las Vegas. He goes here and loses all his money while playing gambling in a hotel. He does not stop here taking money from borrowers playing gambling again and also loses money. As Praful’s earnings are limited, he starts working as a robbery, a bank robbery to pay off debt. Meanwhile, some guys come into their lives as loving interests, which makes them fit. Does not matter. So what does true love do? Can you lose your loans? To know more you have to watch the film.

Direction of Simran Movie

The direction of the simran movie is good. As the film was filmed abroad we saw very good places here. If you talk about the story, it does feel weak, but rather disappointed.

The first half of the movie links the audience but in the second half the story is torn and hilarious. In addition the stage of the film could also be improved a lot. All of these questions pose Hansal direction because the audience was expecting a great movie from him but the expectations of this film doea not come true on expectations.

Star Cast Performance in Simran Movie

Simran movie has focused only on Kangana and Kangana. There is no drama its role is quite good, but if it is excluded no other character can remember the action. Of course casting has been quite weak here which could be better.

Music of Simran Movie

The music of the film has already been released which is not able to show a particular quality. At the same time the best song from the movie ‘Single Rehne De’ was kept at the same time giving credit to the last Your background score is also correct.

Star Cast and Crew in Simran Movie

Rating 2/5
Star cast: Kangna Ranaut, Mark Justice, Soham Shah, Manu Narayan, Anis Joshi
Director: Hansal Mehta
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Producer: Bhushan Kumar, Krisan Kurma, Shailesh R Singh, Amit Agarwal

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