Box Office Collection Day 2: Rajkumar Rao’s Newton Earns a lot Behind Haseena and Bhoomi

The box office released last week and Haseena Parkar and Bhoomi got off to a good start on opening day, but compared to these films, Rajkumar Rao film Newton received very little audience. On the second day the collections of these films in the box office were completely opposite to those of the first day.

Newton Achieved a 162.5% Increase Over the Day’s Earnings

On the other hand Newton received a good run in the theater for the second day with the best answer and word of mouth of the Critique. The film turned out to be Sanjay Dutt’s best Saturn movie on Saturday. The Bhoomi Earned Rs 2.47 crore at the box office on Saturday, while Newton won Rs 2.52 crore on Saturday.

Although the two day Sanjay Dutt total benefits were more than Rajkumar Rao, since the opening film collection was 2.25 crores and Newton’s Day collection was 96 lakhs. In this sense, the winning Bhoomi Earned 4.72 crore in two days and Newton’s total income up to Rs 3.48 crore.

Haseena Parkar Two Days Collection at Box Office

Speaking of Shraddha Kapoor’s Haseena Parkar collection, there is different information about Bollywood films in the movie’s earnings figures. Some sites believe that Haseena earnings for the second day would be lower than those of Newton’s Second Day collection.

According to the information provided, however, Haseena collection has seen a 30% jump. Because his first day was Rs 1.87 crore and that second day earnings is estimated at 2.09 crore. In this way, Haseena gained Rs 3.96 crore in two days According to some reports the second day collection of Haseena is also mentioned as 2.60 crore

The number of stars wishing to celebrate Sanjay Dutt has not even fallen today. Apart from the Sanjay Dutt movie, the film is prized by actor Rajkumar Rao in the industry a few years ago. Rajkumar Rao Black comedy based on Newton is considered very heavy in the film of Sanjay Revenge Drama.

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