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Lucknow Central Movie Review: Farhan strong acting but after the Interval Lucknow Central is weak

The film by Director Ranjeet Tiwari’s Lucknow Central Movie was released in theaters. This is the first film made on Ranjit debut. This film reflects the situation of prisoners in prison and the behavior that accompanies them. However there is nothing new in the history of the film and the film was made from the history of the story.

Story of Lucknow Central Movie

The Lucknow Central Movie story begins with Kishan Mohan Girhotra (Farhan Akhtar) who lives in Moradabad. Since childhood Kishan wants to become a singer and make a band of himself. The singer of Kishan Bhojpuri, Manoj Tiwari is crazy. Manoj Tiwari in a music program Kishan took the CD of his songs so that he can give but Manoj does not give CD. The story and to advance to Kishan jindang such event diminishes, so that all his dreams shattered.

An IAS officer death charge comes on him and he is sent to jail on this crime. Kishan was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime but the lawyer does not require Kishan to be hanged for life. Meanwhile in the name of Head of Government (Ravi Kishan) it was announced that on August 15 a musical contest will be held among all state prisons.

For this Kishan is transferred from the prison of Moradabad Jail to the central prison of Lucknow. When Kishan is preparing a working group with prisoners he helps social worker Gayatri Kashyap (Diana Penty) who works for the rehabilitation of prisoners. Kishan is another prisoner in the group, including the other prisoner (Rakesh Sharma) Victor Chattopadhyay (Deepak Dobriyal) Tikkat Ansari (Inamulahak), Parminder Singh (Gippy Girhewal). However their goal is to flee prison instead of creating the band. The jailer (Ronit Roy) suspects these prisoners, and he begins to look closely at them. Is Kishan able to succeed in his plan? Can you dodge the jailor of the central prison of Lucknow (Ronit Roy)? You have to see the movie for this.

Direction of Lucknow Central Movie

Lucknow Central is the first film directed by director Ranjit Tiwari. In this sense the direction is good. The atmosphere and the location of the prison are incredible. The film made conditional of the prisoners was demolished. The life of prisoners is shown very closely in the film, the behavior of prisoners in prison is very close.The dialogue of the film is also good and a dialogue shakes the listener inwards.

Music of Lucknow Central Movie

Lucknow Central music is good in the movie but not very impressive. The background music is also fair. Two ‘Song Dardari …’ and ‘Kava-Kava …’ from the film are very famous.

Star Cast and Crew Lucknow Central Movie

Rating 2.5
Star Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Diana Penty, Gippy Griwal, Deepak Dobriyal, Rajesh Sharma, Inamulak, Ronit Roy, Uday Tikekar, Ravi Kishan
Music: Arjuna Harjai, Interesting Kohli, Tanishq Bagchi
producer: Nikhil Advani, Monisha Advani, Madhu ji Bhojwani

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