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Manisha Koirala film “Dear Maya” Trailer Launch…

The story of the old Manisha seen in the Trailer of Dear Maya

The first aspect of Manisha Koirala in the movie “Dear Maya” Movie was released a long time ago, it was shown that the trailer. As a first aspect Manisha can also be seen except the character of an old woman. Manisha has always been known for her beauty, but her new look may surprise her and will come in her next film “Dear Maya.” Manisha Koirala is seen in the role of the elderly in the movie trailer. Saying what will be the first film Manisha Koirala after successful fought against cancer. She has been missing from the screen for many years.

After a long period, actress Manisha Koirala will enter Bollywood with the film Dear Maya. The trailer for “Dear Maya” was released online and with the release of the later, the public has aroused the curiosity of the film.dear maya movie

In the film, Manisha plays a female character named Maya, who did not come out for 20 years. Two girls who study at school want to know Maya. Maya wish to see the world outside the home and, therefore use a turn.dear maya movie

The girls who appear in the trailer, write fictional love letters to Maya and Maya are based on these letters. In Maya’s life, there is a new touch of love letters, happiness comes back to life. There is a big turning point in the story when Maya is in Delhi to find her foreign lover who sells all household items. After that what happened to Maya, this question has the trailer in the spirit of the wisest audience. The film will premiere on June 2, 2017. After the death of Dear Maya Manisha will be playing the role of Nargis Dutt in Biopic by Rajkumar Hirani.

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